Hardwood Mulches

All mulch products are made from recycled trees. We use no pallets in our mulch.

Premium Triple Shredded Hardwood Mulch: Free of chemicals and dyes, our most natural product. SALE $19.95 (originally $29.95)
Gardener's Choice Mulch: 75% Premium Hardwood Mulch 25% leaf compost A product similar to our Premium Hardwood Mulch with higher nutrient content for plants. $24.95
Black Dyed Hardwood Mulch SALE $27.95 (originally $31.95)
Double Processed Bark Mulch: A product with similar content to "Black Gold", with less age and slightly larger pieces $32.95
Black Gold: A finely processed bark mulch, deep brown in color $36.95
Black Dyed Bark Mulch: A finely ground black dyed bark mulch. The highest quality black dyed bark on the market! $36.95

Playground Mulch

Playground Mulch $28.95


Processed Topsoil: Rich and dark soil product. $34.95
Garden Blend: 50% processed topsoil, 25% leaf compost, 25% aged manure. (Grow the best lawn or biggest tomatoes in the neighborhood!) $36.95


  • All prices exclude freight.
  • Mulch On Demand can not be responsible for stained driveways from colored compounds in mulch Dye's. It is highly recommended that delivery customers lay down a tarp to protect possible staining of driveway.
  • Our trucks are light duty below CDL and will dump where owner prefers or requests. However, Mulch On Demand can not be held responsible for yard damage and cracked driveways.